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Rebecca had spent nearly her entire twenty-three years as a seemingly forsaken orphan in a Catholic-ran orphanage in Chicago. However, when one of the Sisters informs her of an advertisement for a wife and mother to replace the one who had been lost to an accident during the harvest on a hay farm out West in Dodge City, Kansas, with high hopes she jumps at the opportunity to fulfill her life-long dream of belonging to a real family. She then makes the necessary travel arrangements, and is soon on her way to the Western Frontier.

During the journey, she is witness to a cold-blooded murder at the hands of a fellow traveler who is also a well-liked businessman in Dodge City.

With her main focus on winning over her newlywed husband’s two teenage children, Becky does what she can to deal with the many challenges facing her, while never losing sight of the things that matter to her the most.

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