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Journeys Of The Heart

Starting Over

A Brief Description:

Having recently lost their parents to a tragic stagecoach accident, siblings Stella and Mark Crawford are now faced with braving the unknown as they set out in an effort to complete their journey to Wichita where they intend to finish what their father had started and take over the mercantile from a gent named Highram Jennings.

Along the way, they meet up with Chase Broderick who is also on his way to Wichita with designs on accepting the invitation from a longtime friend to fill the vacant position of town sheriff as a first step to fulfilling his life’s dream of saving up enough money to someday buy a small cattle ranch of his own. However, unbeknownst to him, that longtime friend, Highram Jennings, was recently killed in a shootout with a foursome of ruthless bank robbers.

With Chase’s help, Stella and Mark work a deal with Highram’s widow to acquire the store. Soon after the brother and sister are settled in to running the mercantile the way Mr. Jennings would have liked, Chase meets with the mayor and gets sworn in as Sheriff and things start to happen as the pursuit of the murdering bank robbers leads him and his deputy to various towns across Kansas as well as all the way down into Oklahoma.

Through all this, Stella and Chase manage to see one another often enough to realize that each of them are drawn to the other to the point where their wants and dreams start coming together and eventually become one.

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