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Second Thoughts

A Brief Description:

At loose ends over the loss of her beloved mother and father, and now all alone with nothing left to her but the tormenting memories, at the tender age of seventeen, Sarah James answers an advertisement that promises a husband to care for her and a new life in Wichita.


While on the train between Las Animas and Dodge City, she meets and makes friends with a kindly, middle aged gentleman whom she learns is a cattle baron of sorts with major holdings in the area around Wichita.


With the two of them hitting it off right from the start, Sarah learns of the recent loss of Charles’ wife and daughter, who was also named Sarah. However, at that time, Sarah has yet to learn that she and his lost daughter are nearly identical in every way.


Shortly after arriving in Wichita, and completely by accident, Sarah is made aware of what she sees as the despicable, true colors of her intended. She immediately has second thoughts about following through with what she now realizes was a foolhardy undertaking on her part.


Discouraged and unsure of what to do next, she is troubled by the looming necessity of facing a previously unforeseen way of life that will surely test her abilities to recognize and follow through on the life’s choice that matter to her the most.

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