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Johnny Silver Westerns
Book One




The Making Of A Legend

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A Brief Description:

When one of John Silverman’s closest friends is murdered by the notorious gunman, Texas Willie Barnes, it sets in motion a consuming vengeance that ushers John into becoming a first-rate gunman before setting out to find Texas Willie. With nothing much to go on, as far as where Texas Willie might be, John stops off in Alva, Oklahoma to visit his brother, Connor. A few days later, Connor is killed by a ruthless lowlife named Carlos Sanchez. It is then that John meets the sheriff’s beautiful daughter, Cynthia, who he soon learns is an accomplished gun handler by her own right. Because Carlos had been a thorn in Alva’s backside for a good while now, she convinces John to put on hold, his search for Texas Willie and accompany her in her quest to take care of Carlos once and for all. After John accepts her offer, they set out to bring Carlos back to Alva either riding upright in his saddle or folded across it. John, however, never loses sight of his initial intent to track down Texas Willie Barnes.

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