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Journeys Of The Heart Collection:


A Brief Description:

Tinsdale and Jennifer Carter had enjoyed a relatively trouble-free seven years of blissful marriage until one dreadful morning when, as a result of a tragic accident, all that became barely a memory for Tinsdale and an empty void for Jennifer.


With Tin’s every waking moment geared toward trying to spark memories of their previous times spent together on their Diamond C cattle spread, things get further complicated when the bank in Tascosa is robbed and Tin and Jenny get involved up to their ears with the posse that has set its sights on tracking the fugitives to Blackwater Draw and even farther south into the part of the Llano Estacado that is home to the Mescaleros.

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A Few Reader Reviews:

5 Out of 5 Stars: I really enjoyed reading this.

BY: Amazon Customer on March 3, 2018

I do not usually write a review for any books I read, but I really enjoy reading this authors many works. If you like historical fiction as I do this book will not disappoint you. Clean, a little romance and a couple good guys dealing with the bad guys with the Lord guiding them.

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