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                JOURNEYS OF THE HEART                   Springtime In Walker City

A Brief Description:

The Walker City Silver Sox are not even close to being a cohesive baseball team. They are in fact a collection of talented individuals, all of whom have a common goal in make it to the show.

With that in mind, lace up those spikes, (if they still fit), dust off that ditty bag, (that’s been hiding out in the back corner of the closet, since whenever), and get your butt out there on the field with a bunch of misfits who are sorely in need of direction and a real purpose in life.

Although the things that usually take a front seat to them who aren’t in the know are certainly important to those individuals, what happens out of the mainstream of the everyday routine of a Double-A farm team for the New York Yankees is, in fact, something entirely different.

I’m thinking I could be letting the cat out of the bag a bit, but what the heck, when romance between a team’s second base player and the team’s player/manager starts to get serious, well…I guess it’d be fair to just tell you to go on ahead and let your mind wander and see what comes of it, but that might not be what really happened.

Just so there’s no chance of mixing things up, I’ll just say the real way the story goes has to do with how Stacey Milner arrived in Walker City with two things in mind: how to make it as the team’s second baseman and how to get inside the heart of the team’s player/manager, Chick Wilson, who she’d first seen and admired from afar but has since decided he’s destined to be the future love of her life.

However, as is usual in most cases involving the joining of two hearts, nothing comes easy. So, when the team owner and his oversexed troublemaking daughter, Lola, are kidnapped and held for ransom by a couple of syndicate thugs who work for a bookie that is owed money by the owner, a whole lot of money, in fact, everything positive that has been achieved up to that point threatens to unravel.

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