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Spanish Peaks Country - Book One

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A Brief Description:

    Twenty-three-year-old John Wainwright was pretty much a loner. He was purely content to happen around the mountains, tending his traps and living the loner existance the Lord had steered him to.

     But all that was tossed by the wayside the day a couple of strangers showed up needing his help with finding a pair of wagons the Utes had made off with from their wagon train. It wasn't so much just the wagons that needed finding, as it was the folks who had been caught up in the ruckus.

     It doesn't take long before the ensuing undertaking turns out to be one of locating and freeing the beleagured captives before it's too late. However, John's efforts to get them back gets a mite complicated after a duo of scoundrels show up and shoot one of the Utes in the process.

     With the captives eventually managing an escape on their own, and while trying to find their way back to the wagon train, they have a run-in with the lowlifes, and a vengeful need takes ahold of one of the gunmen that can wind up only one way.

     By this time, and with John having gotten himself clean up to his eyeballs in the whole thing, an arm's length relationship develops between him and one of the young women he's trying to get safely back to the wagon train. It'd a complicated journey of the heart that threatens his, until then, preferred way of being a loner and doing things on his own.

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A Few Reader Reviews:

5 out of 5 Stars: Cautious love 

By Donald Mallory - on Nov 25, 2016

I truly like a good story when the couple indicate their feelings for each other but are cautious for a while before expressing themselves completely.


4 out of 5 Stars: Another good one by Mr. Rogers. 

BY S. FORD - on Jan 2, 2017

r William Rogers is one of my favorite authors. I've read all hisi books - and most of them were outstanding to me. I enjoyed this one; it is a nice slow pace; not a lot of characters - sort of a relaxing type of read. I'm off to the 2nd book of this series. Thanks again for the entertainment Mr. Rogers.


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