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A Brief Description:

     Along with the deaths of Arthur Rhodes and his henchmen, comes a time of security and well-being to the Arkansas Valley in general and The Bartlett Ranch in particular, that has now been renamed Shiloh. As Clint and Sue embark on a rewarding and fruitful life together as husband and wife, they are quickly blessed with two wonderful but mischievous children, Chad and Rebecca.

     With the railroad now drawing ever closer to becoming a reality, old wounds are reopened because of the greed of an unscrupulous man named Heywood Jensen, who will stop at nothing to gain complete control of the ranch. As proof of that, he hires on a handful of gunfighters who are not only a very real threat to Clint, Jimmy, and Two Buffalos, but one of them has a personal grudge to settle with Clint.

     The AT&SF Railroad finally comes to the Arkansas Valley. But its construction is not without peril, bigotry and outright hatred. Right along with the arrival of the railroad comes the need for compassion and understanding as the Chinese workmen are subjected to abusive hardships and even murder at the hands of the Yankee bosses. Then, as if that were not enough, they are additionally being cheated out of a good portion of their hard-earned pay.

     When Chad and his best friend, Nate, are eyewitness to the abuse, Clint is thrust to the forefront and takes the lead in bringing the culprits to justice.

     As the Arkansas Valley Series draws to an end, Chad comes to realize the very real benefits of answered prayer after he, his sister Becky, and their long time friend, Nate, are taken from their families and held for ransom.

     During the course of their harrowing ordeal, Chad realizes some of the things that had been preventing him from completely embracing the Lord, and with a troubled heart, he finds his way back into the fold.

     As the title of Book 7 suggests, his faith in the Lord is finally kindled and he comes to realize that he has been called to preach as a man of God.

     Chad's continued adventures can be found in the pages of: The Cripple Creek Mining District Series, where he establishes and Pastors the first ever church to lay claim to the interior of an extinct volcano that lies a bit southwest of majestic Pikes Peak.

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