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First time visitor to the Grand Canyon. What an amazing creation!

On the balcony of the McDowell Steely Mansion referred to in The Saga of Willard Hansel Series. I have heard that it was recently torn down. What a huge loss for the heitage of this country of ours.


Originally from central California, I successfully made the transition to Colorado in 1981, and have remained here ever since.


I first began writing fiction in 1997 while on a bowhunting trip to the majestic Sangre De Cristo Mountains of beautiful southcentral Colorado. The desire to write that initial novel just sort of flared up after having read a few books by the late Author/Evangelist, Al Lacy. I wrote that first novel, MUSTANG JUSTICE, on a notepad with a #2 pencil (well…a few pencils really). After receiving the usual rave reviews from the wife and family, I decided that I was a writer and steadfastly began entering the book into the computer.


The next logical step was to have someone other than family read it. Although that initial “outsider” liked it as well, her initial reaction was: “Where did these people come from?” Boy, did that ever turn into a chore. However, that question was eventually answered satisfactorily after completing what had began as a tedious task at best, but quickly transformed into the exciting and joyous experience of writing the first three books in the Arkansas Valley Series: TOWARD A NEW BEGINNING, UNCERTAIN TIMES and SHATTERED DREAMS; MUSTANG JUSTICE turned out to be the fourth in the series.


Of course this entire adventure had to have been award winning author and renowned evangelist Al Lacy’s fault, because he lighted a fire somewhere deep inside my soul after having consented to going to lunch with me. Shortly after my initial contact with the menu, and certainly prior to the last sip of coffee having been consumed, I picked his brain unmercifully until I found myself armed to the teeth and anxious to locate a sharpened pencil.


One thing led to another and now, as of the time of this writing, I find myself not only the father of five wonderful daughters, but have also played a major role in the creation of 32 additional offspring...the titles of which are listed in the ‘Books by r. William Rogers’ section found within each of my books.


Having served in the US Air Force during the Vietnam Conflict, I managed to get through that all in one piece and now enjoy a leisurely life in Widefield, Colorado, with my wife of many years.


My works have all been created with a sense of wanting to help the reader feel good about where the stories have taken them, however, by the same token, there are times when a person might have to wipe away a tear before getting there.

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