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Journeys Of The Heart 


A Brief Description:

Drake Slater hadn’t been held in high esteem around town since shortly after his mother had died. In fact, it’d been every bit of three years since she’d been taken from him during an accident that had come about through no fault of her own.

Although he wasn’t all that happy with the way things were going for him, he’d managed to fall into an unsavory rut that he figured he had no chance of ever finding his way out of...that is until that fateful day when he’d literally bumped into Cindy Jacobson as she was exiting the mercantile with an armload of goods.

Despite the difficult circumstances that were a direct byproduct of her father owning a cattle spread out east of town, and his pa being the proud owner of a good-sized sheep ranching operation on the west side, they managed to remain shed of all that sort of rigmarole while they stayed about one step behind in their efforts to find and do away with the ghostly alpha male the sheepmen had dubbed, "Shadow," and his dog-killing, sheep-eating pack of vicious followers.

Despite the many disappointments they were faced with, the Lord had ways of showing up when He was needed and together they worked their way through the hardships while finding the time to truly fall in love.

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