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After noticing one another on the stock/passenger train that was headed for the pens in Buena Vista, Emily “Sissy” Swanson and Ansel Cnningham are thrown together after the train is derailed.


Smitten with one another right from the start, and left afoot, they, along with members of the Circle C outfit, trek into the unknown while they attempt to find and recover their stolen cattle...and Ansel’s mule.


However, their efforts are quickly complicated because of human greed, outright murder, savage bank robbery, and lecherous intent on the part of the men they are after.

A Shared Wish

A Shared Wish

Settlers of South Park - Book  #7

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A Few Reader Reviews:

5 out of 5 stars: Guaranteed great read! 

By Amazon Customer - on March 30, 2016

Format: Kindle Edition

Anything by r. William Rogers is guaranteed to be a great read! It's nice to be able to read a book that's not full of hot sex and very little else. These have great story lines and it's always sad when we (my husband and I) come to the end of one of his series'.


5 out of 5 stars: A really good 'Page Turner' 

By Donald Mallory - on Jan 13, 2017

This was not a normal reader for ME! It kept me guessing what would happen next. It also has me looking for the next book by Mr Rogers.


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