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Journeys Of The Heart

A Beau For Becky

A Brief Description

Having lost both her parents to a devastating tornado, fourteen-year-old Rebecca Ann Jordan is raised for the next few years by her only living relatives, an aunt and uncle in Salina, Kansas.

Although she is treated well by them, she nonetheless eventually opts for the adventures that are commonly associated with the unknown and sets out for Wichita and whatever the Lord has in store for her.

During the stagecoach journey, she befriends a debutante from back east and a Cherokee half breed maiden.

In relatively short order, the three of them become nearly inseparable while they pursue the loves of their lives amid the backdrop of the everyday chores associated with the Rocking H’s spring roundup, while the success of the endeavor is sorely threatened by a trio of would-be rustlers and a small band of determined Cherokee warriors.

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